• WordPress Lab: Take Your WordPress Site to the Next Level!

    (NOTE: Please only RSVP if you are going to show up. Thanks!) Hello WordPress Geeks! Are you working on a project, your own or a client's, and you're having some challenges? Do you have an idea for your WordPress site and you don't even know where to begin to implement it? Well, this Meetup is for you! Bring your project and we'll look at your sticky parts or help you strategize how to move forward with your ideas. Gain Clarity Sometimes knowing where to begin is just too overwhelming. When you gain more clarity and focus on what you want to achieve, it's easier to look for options. Bring your big WordPress Dreams and let's see if we can help you find the first step to implementing them. Squash the Bugs Are you stuck? Something isn't working the way everyone else says it should. You've spent days and lost hair trying to figure it out. Maybe a few more pairs of eyes and extra brain power can help you. Bring you're buggy situations and let's see if we can fumigate your issue! The Meetup is 2 hours long. Depending on number of participants and issues not everyone may get help for their specific issue. So, I will go in the order of RSVP's. Isn't that incentive for you to grab your spot now? NOTE: Fishbon is a non-profit and the use of the space is only $15 per hour (with any surplus going to rent/upkeep of the space. There will be a request for a VOLUNTARY donation. You are under NO OBLIGATION to donate. Thank you!