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workshop photography for Beginners
With Light painting and Depth of Field practise! Do you have done a beginners course long time ago and you want a rehearsal? Or did you just buy a new camera and you have no clue what all the setting means? In this workshop you will learn how to over expose and to under expose with the basic manual settings: shutter speed, aperture and iso. How to use depth of field, long exposure for night photography or lightpainting. If you want to know all the settings and improve your pictures. I recommend the beginners course. http://www.keepthemoment.nl/very.php Price € 95 for 2 lessons of 3 hours, 2 times on a Tuesday evening

Keep the Moment

Wagenstraat 123L · Den Haag

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Wat we doen

This club is for people with a passion for photography. We have outings to see exhibitions or to photograph different scenery. We explore the country and art. Every two month we come together to meet, to exchange and to get inspiration from each other. We share our adventures and photos. The most important purpose of this club is to have photography fun together.

This club is a part of the international photo school: Keep the Moment. See www.keepthemoment.nl We have a studio for courses and workshops.

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