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Hi! Welcome to All about Theatre.

All about Theatre strongly believe in the power of Theatre as a tool for POSITIVE CHANGE. It brings magic at a personal level as well as in the professional one. Theatre helps individuals to get to know themselves better and break internal and external boundaries!

Theatre unleashes your creativity, helps you to reconnect with other individuals and enhances your leadership presence. Furthermore, it improves the ability to connect authentically with others as well as strengthens soft skills like communicate effectively and teamwork. We can only see opportunities for individuals to shine!

This Meetup group aims to gather a diverse and inclusive group of people into the extensive world of Theatre - We have Workshops and Events which you might be interested to join. - Most of our events are in English.

Welcome to All about Theatre.

Ana Barona - ana@plek-maken.nl

David Limaverde - david@plek-maken.nl