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    Wat we doen

    We are an experienced group of dnd players. We are playing for some years now and finished an underdark campaing as well as a placescape adventure. Now we are on a new dnd 5th adventure and playing tales of the yawning portal.

    The purpose of this meetup is to plan our sessions and to interest new players to join "dnd 5th"

    Our characters:

    -a mysterious dark elf druid

    -a dark warlock

    -a noble fighter dwarf

    -a sneaky bard human

    -a sneaky centaur ranger

    -a human priest

    -and when we switch DM there is also a barbarian happyli chopping with his axe

    -and ofcourse our dm who always likes to send nasty monsters

    This adventure is really cool, usually we have 60% fighting, 30% adventuring, and 10% roleplaying.

    Most of us are 30-40 years old. We are playing with the 5 th edition rules, it is not necessary that you knwo the rules since they are not that tough.

    Improvisation is always possible but we like to play and keep discussions limited. If you are a lover of discussions maybe this is not your group. If you like to play: you are most welcome, we are recruiting new members.