Vue.js Ghent Meetup

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Vue.js Ghent Meetup!
APRIL 10, 2018

Info & registration:
NO PLACES LEFT Hello everyone, For the first time we're doing a Vue.js Belgium meetup, because we want to create a community and meet like-minded people to share experiences and ideas with.

For this meetup, three amazing speakers will talk about their experience with Vue.js, all focussing on a different aspect. We're very exited to meet you guys, be sure to check out the schedule below and sign up on the website if you're coming to the event.

18.00 Welcome with drinks

19.00 Ilias Ismanalijev - Responsive web applications in Vue.js
Mobile has taken over every market. Your app has to run on virtually every device. How do you deal with different browser sizes and features beyond just CSS media queries?

19.30 Gertjan Wytynck - Scale, optimize and deploy Vue.js projects in production
Ever had troubles scaling your Vue.js-based SPA?
Learn about the pitfalls of scaling at size and optimizing for speed and safety.

20.00 Wouter Vandevelde - Nativescript and Vue.js - a perfect match?
Learn how to move to app-development without leaving your favorite front-end framework behind!

20.30 Chat, pizza & drinks

If you're interested in presenting a talk, doing a workshop or hosting a meetup
let us know at [masked].