Wat we doen

Our Vision
Making the tech world more inclusive.
WeScale accelerates the success of future inclusive individuals in tech scaleups.

1. Grow
2. Help each other
3. Achieve more
Together WeScale

Our Mission
Sustainable future changes start by acting now. We believe in making a change by building a like-minded community. Filling their 'toolbox' by facilitating Workshops & Networking opportunities.

Join us on Slack (https://join.slack.com/t/togetherwescale/shared_invite/enQtODUzMTgxNTc5OTY5LWFmNWMyYTc0NTIyZDIzZmM3MGI0ZWU0NjE2YTI3MGFiNzAzNDc1ZDE5OTc4YzcyZmQ1M2IwYjYyNDJlZTE3Yjc) to meet the community members and to stay up to date of all our events.

Our website: http://www.togetherwescale.com
Our network: https://wescale.mn.co/

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