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Language #6: Clojure

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Coming up: an introduction to Clojure, the 6th language in the book "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks," by Bruce Tate. As usual, the ever-generous will be providing free beer and pizza along with the space.

We'll be hearing about Clojure from Raymond de Lacaze, a member of the 7 Languages group, a developer at Patch, and an AI expert:

This presentation will describe the Clojure programming language. There will be two parts to the talk. The first part will faithfully cover the material in Chapter 6 of “Seven languages in Seven Weeks”. The second part of the talk will present features of Clojure not covered in Tate’s book, and will draw material from the three popular Clojure books: “Programming Clojure”, “Practical Clojure” and “The Joy of Clojure”. We will specifically cover Software Transactional Memory (STM), Multimethods, Macros & Metaprogramming, Agents & Parallelism and Datatypes & Protocols. Raymond de Lacaze has over 20 years’ experience with Lisp and AI technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is currently employed as engineer at Patch, working with Scala, Haskell and Clojure.

You'll get the most out of the presentation and discussion if you read the chapter and attempt the exercises beforehand, but by all means, come to the talk whether you have done so or not.