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OCaml by Prasad Rao

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Dr. Prasad Rao will present “OCaml for the curious”.

In the first half of the talk, Prasad introduces OCaml following the pattern in the 7LI7W book chapters on Scala and Haskell. This includes an introduction to the type system, pattern matching and collections.

In the second half Prasad introduces two advanced topics. The first of these explores OCaml's module system. The second covers parsing using ocamllex and ocamlyacc -- which yield parsers that are more principled in design and easier to understand than ad-hoc use of regular expressions.

Additionally, Prasad highlights areas where OCaml differs from similar functional languages -- both where users will find it advantageous to use OCaml and the other way around.

Note: Prasad is open to changing the the set of advanced topics covered if there is enough demand to cover a different advanced topic in OCaml.

Here are some good warm-up links: