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Adam Lee will be talking on Go, the latest language offering from Google.

"Go was designed by the same people who brought us languages like C and Limbo, and that is very evident from looking at the language. Go will be familiar to anybody who has written any C code, and indeed it is targeted at the system programming niche, much like C, but Go has been updated for the 21st century.

In the first half of the talk, I will go over the general syntax of Go, its type system, its compiler/build/distribution system and some of the new ideas that it brings to the table, with a focus on what is commonly referred to as "idiomatic Go."

The second half of the talk will focus on some of the features that make Go stand out, especially focusing on what Go brings to the table for concurrency and why this matters so much for modern computing.

Go is a powerful new language that was designed with very clear goals in mind and the language authors have been very careful to stick to those. This means that sometimes people find their favorite features missing, but it also means that Go is a very clean, consistent and concise language that many people have said makes programming fun for them again in a way it hasn't been for a long time.

Go has an excellent ecosystem and tons of information can be found online-- just start out at the official website, "