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Language #3: Prolog

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Welcome to the third meeting of the group, "7 Languages in 7 Months NYC," which makes its way through the chapters of the book "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks," by Bruce Tate.

This month: Prolog, a declarative logic-programming language from way back in the day, popular with the AI community. Our resident AI expert, Raymond de Lacaze, will be delivering the talk and leading the discussion:

This talk will describe the Prolog programming language. We will first cover the material in Chapter 4 of “Seven languages in Seven Weeks”. We will then examine selected advanced topics from the book “The Art of Prolog”. We will review an algorithm for converting statements written in first order logic into Horn clauses suitable for use with Prolog. We will examine an actual Prolog application. Finally we will conclude by examining the role and use of Prolog in today’s technology.

Raymond de Lacaze has over 20 years’ experience with Lisp and AI technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is currently an AI Consultant in the NYC area.

You'll get the most out of the presentation and discussion if you read the chapter and attempt the exercises beforehand, but by all means, come to the meetup whether you have done so or not.

Bring a laptop if you want to help solve a murder mystery using Prolog.

Hope to see you there.

Free beer and pizza, as always courtesy of Meetup.