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Andover, MA

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Oct 8, 2013


Hello! My name is Jody and have a certificate in hypnosis and NLP. I am still learning. Actually would like to learn and help other people through NLP. Been looking for new field of study and this is it.

What is you exprience, if any with NLP or hypnosis?

I studied with Julie Griffen in 2001, got certificate in hypnosis. Don't really use it but want to re-educate myself. I am reading as many books as possible on nlp, so I can have a new profession or volunteer work. And help myself move through obstacles.

What, specifically would you like to get out of being a member of this group?

Real techniques I can use. Start useing as soon as possible. And meet other people who study nlp. make new friends as well! To practice with.