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Become more effective, more relaxed, more fulfilled and get more done...

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Become more effective, more relaxed, more fulfilled and get more done...

NLPers and hypno-heads--Meetup the 27th!

I've grouped together some of the best, most effective and useful NLP processes into a cool format that helps folks experience less conflict, become more aligned and in general, do better.

It's a simple thing you can do all at once to get things started and on an ongoing basis as challenges arise.

It involves an overall alignment of internal criteria, a conscious/unconscious congruency process and a quick integration process for whenever you feel internal conflict.
As humans, we experience conflicting motivations and sometimes feel pulled several ways at once. We may wish to be more successful financially, for instance, but also want to spend more time with loved ones.

But when you go to a higher creative plane, you can see that these are not really conflicts--they only seem like conflicts. And if we can get into a good state of mind, we can have most everything.

How do we get into that state of mind? How do we get to a mental space where the solutions occur to us? Well, there are some NLP techniques & processes that answer that question. But the question we're going to answer is this...

"How do you take those processes and techniques and from them create a system for self-alignment? I'd like something simple that I can do in a few minutes whenever I need to."

Done. How do you learn it? Saturday.

PS: As you guys know, I don't do much self-help stuff--these meetups are mostly aimed at practitioners. This one is definitely something you can do with clients but the emphasis is on you. We'll be leading each of you who wants to participate through the processes.