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✨ No Small Talk Utrecht - Deeper Conversations Authentic Connections

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✨ No Small Talk Utrecht - Deeper Conversations Authentic Connections


✨ The Concept:
Small talk limits us from deep meaningful relationships, not just with others but with ourselves as well.
How often do you go to an event and have the same conversation? You stop learning, you stop listening and leave feeling unsatisfied. The more genuine, authentic, vulnerable & empathetic discussions that we have, the deeper our relationships goes and the higher our quality of happiness
At No Small Talk meetups, guests are banned from asking small talk questions such as "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?". Instead we dive deeper. We will use this website to guide us:

Please be mindful that we are not a debate club, nor a philosophy club. We focus more on free flow of deeper conversations.

So are you ready to let down your defence mechanisms and join the no small talkers group meetup?

🏨 The Venue:
In the heart of the city of Utrecht. A lovely venue with calm atmosphere accessible by public transport.

💰 Event fee:
To keep this meetup alive we need money to run it; hence we are charging a price of a coffee cup (2€) each attendee to keep things running smoothly.

❤️ Stay in touch after:

👉🏼 Impressions:

  • Check out our Instagram:
  • watch this video:
  • listen to this podcast episode:

🌟 Testimonials:
Here are some of our members testimonials:

  • "This has been like a breeze of fresh air"
  • "I haven't laughed this hard in a while"
  • "Please make this weekly. We need this in our life!"
  • "I loved it! When is the next one?"

🚫 No Show = Ban
To keep this meetup authentic we have a strict no show rules. Meaning if you RSVP'd yes and you didn't show in our meetup. You will be flagged as no show and banned from our future meetup. Please respect our members time and authenticity.

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This meetup is part of Rotterdam Network community.

No Small Talk Group
No Small Talk Group
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Neude 11 · Utrecht, UT
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