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Node Brigade #4 Holiday Cheer, Node and Beer.

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Node Brigade Meetup Holiday Edition

Sam Roberts from StrongLoop: Clustering Node, Tips and Tricks.

Sam Roberts is a software developer and rock climber living in
Vancouver, BC. He hacks on Node.js for StrongLoop, and has been poking
its built-in clustering capabilities lately. He'll talk about what
he's been doing, some modules that make working with clustering
easier, and try to answer any questions on node clustering.

Neil Kandalgaonkar: Why you should use Node.js for CPU-based tasks.

Neil Kandalgaonkar has been doing stupid things in JavaScript since
Netscape 0.9. Since then he's done the first AJAX interface for Flickr,
frontends for Google's sign-in and commerce products, and helped
initiate Node.js projects at Wikipedia. He has crushing impostor
syndrome and wrote this bio under duress.

Why you should use Node.js for CPU-based tasks

While Node.js has earned much praise lately, it is always with
the caveat that you should never use it for tasks which require a lot of
CPU. This talk examines a project that ignored that advice,
deliberately, just to see how bad it would be. The talk will examine the
structure of a number-crunching solver for a game, "LetterPwn", and some
of Node.js' surprising advantages (and obvious disadvantages) for such
a task.