Node.js BP Meetup - April 9.: Headless Chrome in Production // Moral Development

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116 people went

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NodeBP returns on April 9! Come and meet with fellow developers, network and have fun!



18:00 - First Prezentation
18:40 - Pizza & Beers
19:00 - Second Prezentation
19:40 - Networking


Attila Stubendek from EDM Designer will deliver the first prezentation of the evening, titled: Beyond Tests: Headless Chrome in Production

Abstract: Most of developers use headless browsers for automated testing. But what about a service that uses it in production, where the input is provided by the users? What about scaling and robustness? What about security and stability? In the presentation, I will show a service, that transforms a custom HTML-code into a responsive email-HTML structure. I will speak about the spirit of the service, the headless Chrome, and the most interesting and challenging steps of the algorithm.


Daniel Gergely from RisingStack will deliver the second prezentation, called: Moral Philosophy in Software Development

Abstract: This talk is about how you can improve yourself not only as a developer but as a human being, too, with the help of basic moral philosophy. You’ll learn about how you can use the core concept of utilitarianism and deontology to make better decisions while writing scalable applications. Everything will be explained through bite-sized examples and mind experiments that you can think about on your own, too - and then we’ll explore some examples in the real world and in the tech ecosystem that can even be traced back to these concepts.


Pizza and Beers are supported by RisingStack. :)

Stay Tuned and Please RSVP!