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A meetup Node.js-ről fog szólni kezdőknek, haladóknak és bárkinek aki szereti javascriptet.

A esemény szól mind a frontendeseknek, a backendeseknek és devopsoknak is.
No és persze nem maradhat el a fun rész, mint a nodebot- és quadrocopter építés.

JIFASNIF - JavaScript is fun, and so Node is fun. (c) isaacs


We are about Node.js for beginners, experts and everyone who loves javascript. It's about using Node.js as frontend dev, backend dev or even devops. And last but not least node.js for fun like nodebots or building quadrocopters.

JIFASNIF - JavaScript is fun, and so Node is fun. (c) isaacs

Upcoming events (1)

NodeBP 2023 June


This is a "summer greeting" event is co-hosted with BudapestJS, that touches upon the latest and greatest topics, where our presenters will be the experts who are building it on a day-to-day basis!
For details, see below:

  • 18:30-19:00: arrival and mingling
  • 19:00-19:30: Qwik: a framework topographically different
  • 19:30-20:00: break, chat, Q&A ...
  • 20:00-20:30: Vite's universal Plugin API
  • 20:00-...: Q&A, ...

📢 Manu
My name is Manu. I have been building OSS for 15 years, from game engines for iOS (cocos2d), backend frameworks in Go (Gin), and a lot of web tech. Before joining the core team of Qwik, I worked on building the Ionic framework and Stencil. Today I work as Senior Framework Engineer at Builder.io.
I love to swim and my favourite Hungarian dish is Toltott Kaposzta.
Just like you can’t turn a sphere into a donut without breaking it, existing frameworks can not do what Qwik does without completely building a new framework.
In this talk I will compare hydration, partial hydration (Astro), React Server Components, and resumability, putting them into context with DX (Developer Experience) and how developers always choose the path of least effort when building stuff.
You will learn about what different framework teams are working on and interesting analogies with mathematical and physics concepts, all with the goal to set up your mental model right.
📢 Matias Capeletto
I'm Matias Capeletto, and you may know me as Patak. I work in Open Source at StackBlitz, focusing on maintaining Vite. I'm part of the Vite Core Team, I helped build Vitest and Elk, and you'll see me helping where I can in the Vite ecosystem.
I'm Argentinian, but I live in Hungary and my favorite dish here is Kocsonya!
One of the key factors of Vite's rapid adoption has been its universal rollup-based plugin API. We'll explore the API and some of the incredible plugins the community has developed with it.
This event is possible, thanks to the support of:

  • Bobcats Coding
  • Green Fox Academy
  • Builder.io

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Prisma - végre egy jó Node ORM? [online] Nov 17.

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