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Hands-On Node: Unit Testing and Continuous Deployment

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Some of the least understood and sometimes hardest thing to implement in any system is unit testing and continuous deployment.

Our organizer Matt Walters, co-founder of GoChime will kick off the evening with presentation on Mocha and Mockrequire. Immediately following that will be a presentation by Christopher Garvis, lead developer for Moveline on the topic of continuous deployment. Following that we'll form groups and dive in on using the tools on your choice of test project that we'll have setup or your own code.

Knowledge of JavaScript a requirement and the ability to create a basic node application. Please make sure that Node is installed on your computer.

By Saturday, August 4th we'll post reference materials...

I apologize for the delay in getting you the meetup reading material and referenced tools. Here is what we have so far for...

Reference Materials and Tools

Please create a github account - if you don't already have one.

Please have installed:

node 8.4+ ( ) npm (will come with Node but confirm by typing 'npm' in a terminal) git ( ) a text editor of your choosing (I'm fond of WebStorm, ) concrete, installed via npm forever, installed via npm Nodemailer, installed via npm

You can read up on the packages here:

concrete, installed via npm ( ) forever ( ) nodemailer ( )