Past Meetup

Satsang with Kevin in Burnaby

Price: CA$10.00 /per person
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Once upon a time...

It's the dusty old intro to well-loved stories, many of which were easily identifiable as just that.

As spiritual beings in this human experience, we are both blessed and cursed with fantastic minds, able to build machines which sail beyond our solar system and
develop medical science to a point where most maladies are quite treatable.

Those same crafty minds can spin fascinating stories, so compelling feel we must believe them, and often that we ARE them.

As a species, we love stories. We are entertained by them, we learn from them, they can make us cry, laugh and feel resentment or riveting fear.

Enter suffering.

We can become so wrapped up in these tales, they can steal away incalculable moments while we worry about future, resent the past, or dread the present as we wish it away (I can't wait until the weekend...).

Know the Truth that we are a divine essence, so utterly vast, even the seemingly powerful mind
cannot comprehend it.

The mind doesn't like that much.

Exhausted from trying grasp knowledge of what we are, the mind attempts to convince us that we are much less than infinite Consciousness.

The mind says, we are something much more tangible, like an accountant, a father/mother, a marathon runner and so on.

So, because we're seemingly hard-wired for this activity, how do we escape the grip of this nasty narrative?

We don't, at least not entirely.

Stories are part of the human experience, and they'll continue for our entire existence.

What changes after experiencing the Truth is how we relate to the story. We understand completely that it is simply a tale, nothing more.

Stories will continue, but we will no longer believe them, any more than we would believe a movie to be true.

Know the mind, and all its stories, for exactly what it is -- a mere distraction.

We as our True Selves are so much more.

The end.

There is a $10 financial commitment for this meetup.

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