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If you’re wanting crypto risk mitigation, ethical extra income, and to change the world, this group is for you.

Inspired by Noosa business groups, OpenTalks, Silicon Coast and Sunshine Coast Blockchain, we're a Noosa meetup group to help each other take fast, effective and practical action with cryptocurrencies and blockchain tools.

Stating the obvious: No financial advice given or implied. Never invest more than you can afford. But invest more than you waste on non-essentials :)

This is a local group for honest Noosa neighbours, friends and visitors, involved in Noosa Power solar energy production, Bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, the blockchain, and new revenue streams for business.

Information and opinions may or may not be correct - strategies are different for trading and HODL - this is not investment advice. If you're worried about the investment, you probably shouldn't. Investing is a gamble but spending money is a definite way to lose it.

Being in this group confirms your acceptance that nothing you see or receive including presentations, emails, messages, etc is intended as financial advice.

Against the rules of this group:

- Crypto MLMs, frauds, scams and spam

- Negativity

Crypto moves so fast and we work hard to give you only the most important info quickly.

Red Flags - list of what to avoid:


We're influencers, innovators, being the change we want to see in the world. Here's to Freedom & Profit For Good.

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NoosaCrypto October Meetup

Promis, Jet Convert

This month's event is largely about Noosa Power and Holochain, enabling the community to participate in decentralised solar energy etc. Alexander will be sharing about NoosaPower's progress: https://noosapower.com.au NoosaPower plans to benefit people and planet using blockchain technology to track shared solar power, saving households and businesses by using cheaper power which is from renewable sources. Reminder: our regular NoosaCrypto Meetups take place on the third Thursday of the month. NoosaCrypto Agenda, 6pm-8pm Meet and Mingle at the start then ... 1. Latest news 2. Security 3. Noosa Power 4. Holochain News 5. Upcoming activity, local and significant developments and events 8pm - close Hope to see you. As always, feel free to bring drinks, snacks and discussion topics, as we'll be talking about whatever you want to most know about crypto, the blockchain and Holochain, sharing knowledge and suggestions. Family and friends welcome. Most of all, bring yourself. Here's to living your best, Angela Angela Wright MBE, NoosaCrypto, Make Crypto Easy, Making More Impact, Get Your Boom! Back, Bamboo Park PS To contact me: please use FB Messenger as first choice: Messenger: https://m.me/angelawrightmbe Telegram: https://t.me/onebighappyfamily Mobile/WhatsApp: [masked] Skype: angela_crealy email: [masked] Or schedule a call here: https://meetme.so/cryptostrategy Helpful resources: If you haven't already... Read The Complete Crypto at https://www.makecryptoeasy.com/free-guide Important: nothing in messages or in person constitutes financial advice. In this and all areas of life, do your due diligence and do not invest more than you can afford in money, time and energy.

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