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Cost. A few bucks for the campsite (it was $40 for the site, divide that by however many people show); and you will need to buy a $9 ferry ticket on Sunday.

Route: 45 miles out (with one big hill), 29 miles back. We’re going out on Saturday over the Golden Gate and via Highway 1, and then back on Sunday via Sir Francis Drake to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal for a 4:45pm ferry (there’s also a 1:40pm one if we get going early). This makes for a unique route the whole way; we get in a bridge and a boat for extra adventure-ness; and the second day is shorter so we don’t have to feel as rushed heading out of camp. There is one big-ish hill at the end of day one (it’s called “Sky Camp” for a reason). You can see the route either via this Google Map (,-122.599525&spn=0.252324,0.528374) , or at Map My Ride ( (clunkier interface but includes elevation chart). I will not bring copies of maps; please print your own. Or the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Map ( covers the area and is also a nice item to have in your pannier and around the house.

Meeting time: Saturday March 9, at 9:15am. Meet at Harry Bridges Plaza (,+San+Francisco,+CA&hl=en&ll=37.795205,-122.39383&spn=0.008029,0.009098&sll=37.700574,-122.355753&sspn=0.491129,0.582275&hnear=Harry+Bridges+Plaza,+San+Francisco,+California+94133&t=m&layer=c&cbll=37.795205,-122.39383&panoid=_dMixmoMUEd2yzoK2ClljA&cbp=12,265.99,,1,-2.76&z=17) (Google Street View), which is the traffic island between the Ferry Building and where Market Street ends. There are those futuristic looking pillar/lights, I’ll be at the one to the west; that’s the right side of the Street View picture. We’ll leave at 9:30 sharp.

Other Information About The Ride. I would like this to be a no-drop ride – i.e., staying together as much as practicable, and not leaving slower folks behind.

Sir Francis Drake and Highway 1 are fairly busy roads, so please ride single file ( Bring front and rear lights – we definitely are not planning on riding at night, but it can get foggy and lights help increase visibility.

In Point Reyes, the last half-mile or so to Sky Camp is dirt fire road. However, it is usually pretty well graded since NPS vehicles go through regularly to take out the trash and otherwise maintain the campsites. Worst case scenario we can walk it.

If it looks like a bit of rain, the ride will happen. If it looks like it’s going to rain the whole $*%& weekend, I’ll cancel. If the weather report looks dodgy, watch this page the Friday before and I’ll post something by 5pm.

Gear. It might rain, and it might be cold. Check the weather and pack accordingly. The average low temperature overnight in March is around 40° F (5° C). A suggested bare minimum packing list:

raingear a tent warm sleeping bag two liters of water (refills at Stinson Beach and the Pt. Reyes visitor center) layers of warm clothes (long underwear, insulated jacket, etc.), which you'll want at the campsite after the sun goes down. bowl + spoon extra tube for your size tire bike lights map (just in case you get lost or separated) phone food (see “Food” below) headlamp or other light panniers to carry all the above You may also want to review the “Bike Touring Basic Packing List” Google Doc ( that was created and edited on the group’s message boards.

Sky Camp has pit toilets that should have TP, and a water spigot. I would like us to have one stove per five people, if you can post to the comments if you can bring one (I’ll have one).

Food. Pack a lunch and snacks for both days, we will just stop somewhere scenic around noon for lunch and picnic.

For Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast, for those that are interested, I’m going to bring my favorite camping foods. If you want me to bring extra for you, say so in your RSVP comment (e.g., “Two tasty bites and one breakfast please”) by the end of Wednesday March 6. I’ll pick up extra for you from the store, and you can pay me back on the trip (and save some room in your panniers to carry it).

Joe’s dinner Saturday night: my favorite heat-and-eat quick-and-easy camping food is Tasty Bites (Indian food), with minute rice. I usually eat two Tasty Bites after a long day of biking. $3-4 per Tasty Bite. No guarantee of specific types.

Joe’s breakfast Sunday morning, like oatmeal but better: mixture of rolled amaranth, buckwheat, and kamut, with butter, agave syrup, zante currants, cinnamon and nutmeg. $2 per person.

I’m looking forward to it! In the meantime, pray for no rain, and post any questions or comments below.