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This group is the Moto/Camping offshoot of Oakland Weekday+ Motorcycle Riders Group on Meetup. We mostly ride dual sport or adventure bikes. We like to ride dirt / gravel roads as often as possible. If there is off-roading on the route it will disclosed in the ride profile and if possible an alternate paved route will be posted to get you to camp. This group is for advanced riders and is definitely not for newbies or riders who can’t or don’t have the skills or ability to save themselves. Most of us Have been riding for 20 years or better and consider ourselves to be pretty independent, advanced riders coming together to share our passion. Riders are expected to download, save and navigate the route at their own pace. Stop when you want for that special photo or zip on ahead and we’ll see you in camp. We plan and ride Moto/Camping rides throughout the year in all the coolest 😎 place’s we can find. Some on paved roads with paid campgrounds while others 😉 take us way off the paved roads for dispersed camping in very remote locations. We split all the costs of campsites, firewood etc. and share in camp responsibilities as a team. Regardless of your Moto/Camping skills, you are expected to have the equipment and ability to navigate yourself along the route to the next destination. No one is going to be marking turns for you and there is no sweep. You can ride the posted route at a pace that matches your skills & abilities and keeps you in your safe comfort zone. This group is intended to be a place where we can enjoy the company of like minded motorcycle folks enjoying the skills & art motorcycling so we don’t allow talk politics, sports or religion. We just want to have fun and do our best to be “Happy 🥳 Moto camper,” Getting on down the road. Welcome aboard. Richard~

Past events (17)

Mendocino NF Loop GS/ADV Only

Starbucks Cordelia

Sequoia Twisty Hell lll.

Harris Ranch Restaurant

Calaveras Big Tree loop. Hwy’s 88 / 4 and a lot more.

Richs Plate Restaurant & Cafe

Sherman Pass byway.


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