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The North Dallas Screenwriters Meetup @ The Movie Institute

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WELCOME. If this is your first meet-up with us, here's a few details about how we roll:

For the first 10 minutes or so, we catch up with one another. You are welcome to buy food from the food court or bring something with you to eat.

We spend the next hour to hour and a half silently reading each submission and writing notes, questions or corrections in them. NOTE: We only have time to read the first 6-7 submissions.

Finally, each writer gets about 10-15 minutes to run the show, asking questions about their work or the readers' notes.

Writers get their submissions back at the end of the meeting, filled with notes and mark-ups from the readers.

This is a great opportunity to get a variety of opinions and feedback about your work. If you are unable to accept constructive criticism and/or varying opinions, then writing might not be for you.

SUBMISSIONS. You don't have to bring anything, but if you do...

Bring no more than 10 pages of one of your scripts; each meeting, you can bring the next few pages until we've covered your entire script. Alternately, if you don't have a script ready to read, you can bring a written treatment or synopsis of an idea. Scripts get preference over synopses. This is NOT the place to bring poetry, novels, or any type of writing other than scripts intended to be shot (i.e., no stage plays, radio or video games).

IMPORTANT: If your submission isn't the beginning of a script, include a (short) summary of what's happened in your story up to this point; a list of characters with short descriptions doesn't hurt either.

Bring at least 3 copies; more is better.

Bind multiple pages with a staple, paperclip, or brads; no loose pages.

Make sure your name and title are somewhere on the submission; you don't have to have a separate title page.

Feel free to print on the front and back to conserve paper.

You don't have to print on 3-hole-punched paper for us.

Please don't worry or be embarrassed if you're new to script writing. We all had to start somewhere, and we're all here to offer constructive feedback and inspire creativity.


Keep all of the submissions you bring to the meetings; put them in a folder or binder for reference.

If the meeting inspires you or you're afraid you'll forget the feedback, then rewrite your submission ASAP. Otherwise, it is better to finish a complete draft of a script then continuously rewrite only parts of it.

Once you have attended several meetings and contributed to the feedback of others' work, you will be eligible to have a complete script break-down of your work. If interested in this, please write or ask for more details.

Visit the FILES section (in the MORE menu above) for helpful documents on the craft of screenwriting and marketing yourself.

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