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Conditioning Walk - Edmonds Hill Climb - Pine Ridge Park Trails


This is not a stroll in the park. These walks are intended to elevate the heart rate and boost the intensity. That being said, we will not leave anybody behind. We may go at different speeds up the hill but we will wait at the top for all to arrive before continuing on.

Lets begin at the Edmonds Library and walk up the Main Street Hill. Just past the top of the hill there is an entrance to Pine Ridge Park and a nice little loop trail. We will then head back down towards Edmonds and maybe do a quick trip through Yost Park trails if we have time. Figure on about an hour to an hour and a half walk time.


Another of Edmonds’ urban forests. This park has a number of trails throughout. Goodhope Pond supports a population of ducks that call this place home.

Quick Facts:

Walking trails 24-acre urban forest Leashed dogs allowed on inner trails.

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