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Moderate Hike -Twin Lake and Lake Lillian - I-90 Snoqualmie Pass


Dogs on leash No children under age 16. please read all the information listed and linked to below. ( Location Lake Lillian (#1332) Snoqualmie Pass -- Snoqualmie Pass Cle Elum Ranger District Statistics Roundtrip9.0 milesElevation Gain1500 ftHighest Point5300 ft Features Lakes Old growth Wildflowers/Meadows Wildlife User info Northwest Forest Pass required You'll run the gamut of scenery here, from clear-cuts, to ancient forests, to huckleberry fields, to alpine lakes. The route climbs up and over a forested ridge, rolls past an assortment of lakes, and provides great opportunities to see birds of prey hunting overhead and small mammals browsing underfoot. The best wildlife viewing comes in the clear-cuts thanks to the abundance of huckleberries growing in those man-made meadows. The lakebasin also offers wildlife viewing, as beasts and birds flock to the pools to drink and to graze on the lakeside vegetation. The lakes themselves are marvelous alpine wonders. Twin Lakes sparkle blue amid green and red heather, while LakeLillianis a deep gem set in a granite cirque. Directions: From Seattle drive east on I-90 to exit 54 (signed "Hyak"). Turn left (north) under the freeway and right on the frontage road marked "Gold Creek." After about 0.5 mile turn left (north) on Gold Creek Road (Forest Road 4832) and drive east, parallel to the interstate briefly before the road angles upward. At 3.9 miles from the freeway turn left onto FR 4934, and in 0.25 mile look for the parking lot on the left.

Meet at the park and ride by 8am to carpool or caravan, or meet at the trailhead at 9am. Dogs are required to be leashed on this hike. If you decide you want to unleash your dog, it must be under voice control, stay on the trail, and away from leashed dogs. Give your self and dog adequate space from others. Please respect other hikers on the trail and restrain your dog when approaching or being approached by others. This will be the first meeting for many of the dogs, so let them get acquainted slowly as we walk. It takes time to form a pack. Not all dogs want to be greeted exuberantly, so take care and precaution. Also, dog waste needs to be buried (6 inches) or carried. Leaving along the trail to be picked up later is an eyesore for others , even in a bag,(especially with the number in our group) and is sometimes forgotten on the way out.
Please be courteous and use proper trail etiquette.
I have info in the pages section of this site (see top section on web site). Please review, good advice about what to bring and about hiking with a dog.
Also, please read the Bear Safety discussion and tips page in discussion section and pages section. In consideration of others, if you do not plan on attending this hike please change your status. This allows those that are on the waitlist to attend. It also means we do not wait unnecessarily at the trail head for those not showing up.