Past Meetup

Easy Walk - Snoqualmie Valley Trail - Duvall

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This is a nice, easy, gravel trail that runs from Duvall to Carnation. We will start at the Duvall end and walk approx. 3 miles out (you are free to turn around at any point). We do pass by farms along the way. Last year we stopped by the OxBow Lake Organic Farm and they had produce for sale so you might want to carry a little cash and a sac incase you want to purchase some fall veggies.

Dogs allowed on leash.

Poop and scoop law in effect.

We may also want to stop in at one of the local restaurants for lunch afterwards.

This was a fun time last year.


The Snoqualmie Valley Trail offers the opportunity to get out and explore one of the most beautiful agricultural valleys in the region.

The trail meanders past working farms as well as preserved open space areas, and connects to the cross-state John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park. Points of interest include Tolt-MacDonald Park, Meadowbrook Farm, Three Forks Natural Area and the Tokul Trestle.

Dogs are required to be leashed on this hike. If you decide you want to unleash your dog, it must be under voice control, stay on the trail, and away from leashed dogs. Give your self and dog adequate space from others. Please respect other hikers on the trail and restrain your dog when approaching or being approached by others. This will be the first meeting for many of the dogs, so let them get acquainted slowly as we walk. It takes time to form a pack. Not all dogs want to be greeted exuberantly, so take care and precaution. Also, dog waste needs to be buried (6 inches) or carried. Leaving along the trail to be picked up later is an eyesore for others , even in a bag,(especially with the number in our group) and is sometimes forgotten on the way out.