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WTA Trail Maintenance - White Chuck Bench, Darrington


THIS IS A NO DOG EVENT AND YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH THE WTA (Washington Trail Assn. see link below)

I have never done trail maintenance before but after hiking this trail late last year and seeing the work in progress I was inspired enough to say I would do it if the opportunity every came up. And now it has. I have Thursdays off in June so I am doing the 5th and the 12th. (for other opportunities see the WTA site).

YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH THE WTA (they need to know who to expect and be prepared with tools and such)

White Chuck Bench Trail
Darrington Ranger District
Thu, Jun 12, 2014
beginnings of a new trail. muledeer Thanks for volunteering for this work party! All our work parties have three rules: safety first, fun second and work third. The work can be hard so we encourage everyone to work at his or her own pace. If you have any questions please call our office at 206/625-1367. We want you to have a good time and experience first hand what it takes to keep trails in good shape. If you have questions about what we're doing during the work party, about trails in general or about specific trails, please ask your crew leaders. Let us know how you found out about the work party, and anything we can do to make it more fun. We want you to come back!
Special Notes: Special note about driving: There is now a one-lane road open to bypass the mudslide on Hwy 530, and vehicles are allowed to pass at very specific times. This may cut down significantly on travel time to this site. In the morning, you must be in line at the bypass at 7:30am, in order to make it to the work party by 8:30am. After the work party, west-bound traffic may pass at 4pm and 5pm. Driving directions for taking the bypass: Take exit 208 for WA-530 E. Go approximately 20 miles east to bypass. After passing through the bypass, continue on WA-530 E to Darrington. At the four way stop sign, turn right onto the Mountain Loop Highway. Pick up the directions below from here.Alternately, you can drive the longer ways around, detailed in the driving directions below.Special note about the bunkhouse: The forest service has offered space in their bunkhouse in Darrington to WTA volunteers. If you're interested in staying at the bunkhouse before or after the work party, please indicate that you plan to stay in the bunkhouse in the comments section when you sign up for this work party, or contact to reserve a spot.

Trail Facts: This trail follows the edge of the bench along the west side of the Sauk River, with some keyhole views of White Chuck and Pugh. Almost zero elevation gain as it wanders through forest to join an abandoned logging road. The trail goes about a mile and a half before it comes to a handsome bridge across Black Oak Creek, and from there heads back up along the ridge for views of the river and more solitude amongst the trees.

Directions: From Seattle drive north on I-5 and just north of Mount Vernon take exit 230 onto the North Cascades Highway, which is Highway 20. Take Highway 20 East for 38 miles to the small community of Rockport and turn right (south) onto Highway 530 towards Darrington. Drive south on Highway 530 for 18.6 miles to Darrington. At the four way stop sign proceed straight ahead onto the Mountain Loop Highway. Continue approximately 10 miles, and cross first the Dutch Creek bridge and then the Old Sauk bridge. Immediately turn left and cross a brand new bridge which takes you over the White Chuck River and onto FS Rd 22; this will be followed by a boat launch parking lot and two outhouses. Continue up the gravel road to a parking shoulder and see the trailhead sign. Drive time from Seattle approximately 2.5 hours.

As an alternative folks can use the Mountain Loop Highway from the south through Granite Falls and Verlot. It may take about the same amount of time but also has long stretches of gravel road.

We want this to be a rewarding and fun event, so please read the following information carefully.

All volunteers MUST be wearing:

Work glovesLong pantsAdequate boots for foot protectionA day pack to carry your personal gear

In addition, we RECOMMEND:

Eye protection (such as glasses, sunglasses, or safety glasses)Long-sleeved shirt

Please BRING:

LunchPlenty of waterRain gear / Cold-weather gear

We cannot allow anyone to work in sneakers or shorts. You will be turned away if you do not have the required work gear. All volunteers will also be required to wear a hard-hat (provided by WTA) while working.

More information:

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions ( prior to attending this work party.

If you are under 18, you must have a Signed Parental Consent ( form with you. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Day on Trail

WTA crew leaders will meet you at the above-stated start time. We hope by investing our time in teaching you trail maintenance you'll come back and join us again. Our work party rules are followed in this order: 1) Be Safe! 2) Have fun! 3) Get some work done! -- and are outlined below in more detail:


The emphasis is always safety first. Upon arrival, you will sign a WTA liability release ( The crew leaders will give a safety talk and discuss specific plans for the day. Please be on time, as we can allow you to work only after you have heard our entire safety briefing, signed in, and have the appropriate work gear.


Second only to safety, WTA wants your time on trail to be enjoyable. Our crew leaders are there to facilitate your fun - so if you aren't having fun, please let them know! At the end of the day we will take pride in our accomplishments as we return to the trailhead. We will have refreshments and light snacks while preparing for the trip home. To read about the other fun perks and incentives of volunteering, please go here. (


In addition to the safety talk, WTA will provide the necessary tools, hard hats, and training to get the job done. We'll head up the trail promptly after the safety talk and crew leaders will acquaint you with the tasks at hand. Volunteers are urged throughout the day to take breaks whenever they want. We generally stop for a 30-minute lunch around noon. At the end of the day we'll collect the tools, head back down to the trailhead and have a wrap-up of the day's work. Every effort is made to ensure that all volunteers can depart from the trailhead at the designated end time, generally no later than 3:30pm on a day trip.

Questions? Please call us at 206/625-1367 if you have any questions!

Thanks again for signing up. We're looking forward to seeing you out on the trail!

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