Past Meetup

Wednesday Evening Walk - Ravenna Candy Cane Lane


How good are you at juggling a leash or two, a flashlight, a poop bag, and an umbrella while wearing gloves? Not sure, then come walk with us on Wednesday evenings. You will get plenty of practice.

Let's continue meeting in the evening for a walk. We will just have to stick to lighted streets and not trails. Be sure that you are equipped to be seen in the waning light. Bring a flashlight and/or put lights on yourself and your dogs. I use Nite Ize Lights. They are great little lights (come in a variety of colors) that either flash or have a steady beam and clip nicely onto the dog's collar and my zipper pull. They are widely available at most pet stores (next to nature, All the Best) and drug stores (Bartell's). I am open to suggestions about where you like to walk so if you have a favorite route let me know and I may post it.

Dogs participating must be leashed and have their owner present.

We will make it a priority to walk as a group. Paces may be a little different but I will stop along the way for others to catch up. Everybody needs to watch out for others. Let somebody know if you need a break or are going to turn around/

Seattle is famous for a Ravenna neighborhood called—what else?—Candy Cane Lane ( Making its first appearance in the 1940s in response to a city-wide decorating challenge, this fantastic neighborhood has since become a holiday must-see for Seattle families. It's location - the Christmas light display can be found at NE Park Road, off 20th Avenue NE and Ravenna Boulevard, near Ravenna Park - makes it an ideal spot to visit if you're in the mood for a night of shopping, food, entertainment, and of course, great views.

Please check email or this site the day of the event for any last minute changes or cancellations due to weather, road closures, illness, etc. I will try to post last minute details by 7am.