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Holistic Healthful Exercise, Tai Chi Qi Gong, practice outside

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There's nothing finer than spending time and connecting with the natural world. Tai Chi Qi Gong (sounds like thai chee key gong) is a light aerobic, standing 'exercise' that as I'm an instructor of I would like to share/practice with others. Tai Chi Qi Gong is based on traditional Eastern/Asian health principles.

Photos: We're learning balance for good posture. Holding a 'chi' energy ball. Second pose in the sequence.

Some benefits of regular practice include:
Calming a frazzled stressy mind
Improved physical balance
Improved posture
Enhanced breathing capacity
Mobility and flexibility encouraged
Practice can be done fully clothed, no equipment and fits into a busy life/schedule.
Suited to be practised by all ages, physical abilities (eg as it's an holistic exercise it enhances those who are super fit too).

I'm hoping that we can have regular sessions as, at the very least it means I am motivated to practice myself.

VENUE: in the GROUNDS, grassy area of Presentation House Theatre. There are big trees to shelter from sun/wind and light rain.

WEATHER: unless it's raining medium to heavy I will be there.

No special clothing is required, as long as you can move easily in it and please wear comfortable flat footwear.
Link to demonstation of Tai Chi Qi Gong I did on Youtube


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