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MANS [Men’s Active Naked Stretching] Class
MANS Classes [Men’s Active Naked Stretching] typically meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, and Tuesday OR Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in Boston Metro West near the Acton/Concord town line. The class is 90 minutes long. The cost is $18 at the door [cash or personal check]. You must pre-register for a MANS class by contacting me directly to attend. Stating you will attend the class here on Meetup DOES NOT REGISTER YOU. It only indicates your interest. Please DO indicate your interest here on Meetup so men in the Group know other Northeast Naturists Meetup members are attending the class. Contact me here on Meetup or preferably at [masked] for more information and to reserve your spot in a class. MANS Active Naked Stretching is appropriate for men of all ages, sizes, shapes, fitness levels, athletic ability [or non ability] and flexibility. There are no “levels” in Active Stretching. Each man does what is safe and comfortable for him to do at the moment. All men 18 years old and older are welcome regardless of your age, size, shape, weight, fitness level, stretching experience/ability, sexual preference or religion. The class is a safe non-sexual social wellness event, and is a valuable tool to help keep you pain-free, flexible and moving. For athletes, this stretching will help your performance and recovery, and help build muscles faster. For those of us who are in our later years, Active Stretching can slow down the aging process and even reverse some of the effects of aging! I invite you to join like-minded men exercising without bothersome clothing in a low key social, friendly, safe setting. We particularly welcome “Newbies” to our group. Be aware that many of the men who attend the MANS classes are not members of this Meetup Group, and therefore the number of attendees shown here is almost never the actual number of men attending the class. Important NOTE: DO NOT use the map that is automatically provided with this post by Meetup. It is NOT correct, and will take you on a wild goose chase. Get your directions from me. You can also join my free Yahoo Group M_A_N_S + for full information and pictures of the MANS class as well as pictures of other men’s naked stretching I have downloaded from the internet. Go to to join M_A_N_S +. I urge you to check the Northeast Naturists “Upcoming Meetups” often to see at a glance what’s being offered by the various members. This is FUN stretching. Remember, “Life is better Naturally!” I look forward to hearing from you directly, and seeing you in MANS class, Littlebare

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Enjoy shaking off those clothes and being yourself amongst easy-going and fun-loving friends? How about a night-time skinny dip at a local swimming hole, or friends pool? A casual dinner, a card game, a cookout, body painting, massage, or just a few beers or refreshments? Naturism brings out the best side of people, and getting naked with friends is a wonderful exercise in shedding some of the shame that gets piled on by a judgmental and vain society. Don't think you look good naked? All the more reason to try it! Learn to be comfortable with your body with a group of liberal-minded friends with the same desire.

I formed this group as the sole Beacon Of Hope in the area, and as an experiment to see what happens. I don't have a huge place but I can host a small get-together or a cookout, and I have friends who I might convince to let me use their places; we'll start small, and hope for more venues! Besides, we're making friends in the meantime! "Build it and they will come!" Your sexuality is not important because this is not a hookup or sex group--just casual friendly nudity and light hearted fun and adventure in clothing-free social activities.


**$8 Annual Membership Dues are payable immediately after your 14 day free trial (you can enter your credit card at anytime). You will receive an email with the instructions.

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