What we're about

This group is all about building relationships with others primarily in the sales and marketing industries. No pitches. No competition. Just friends coming together to help each other out and support one another in fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

Our aim is to provide value and establish the professionalism in our respective fields. In sales in particular, Success Program Poorness is a very real thing. People spend thousands of dollars every year, and sometimes every month, to learn the secrets to building their businesses. Often times however, the same concepts and general goal strategies are taught over and over again without a real nuts and bolts approach, or understanding, to the actual activities and strategies that build a business or career. We appreciate how hard you may be working for your business. We simply want you to learn with us the most enjoyable way to succeed in your arena so you can become a true leader for others, enriching our communities and the professional perception of your career and company.

If you realize what the experience in business alone can teach people about economics, sales, organization, psychology, recruiting, problem solving, and leadership development, as well as the tax and savings advantages in sales, you are a head and shoulders above others who are stuck marketing to anyone and everyone. There are thousands of legitimate rock-solid companies offering opportunities today with true career paths to significant wealth creation, but sadly, not enough business professionals stepping up and recognizing it is always the people, not the income or even industry that is important. We feel entrepreneurship provides a greater sense of worth to your community than almost any other field. Anyone in sales and marketing in particular, have the distinct privilege of working with the most caring and giving of social entrepreneurs where we all are developing a new sharing economy and truly giving people back their lives now and in the future. There is nothing greater. However, this sense is often lost if people start viewing relationships as transactions over friendships with a "me vs. them" mentality. This is what needs to change and the real purpose of this MeetUp.

This is not a networking or pitch-fest. We'll take the best nuggets from years of experience and bring that information to you to share and master-mind with your organizations 100% free of charge as true advocates of your profession, and ultimately, to protect the ethics and professionalism in your chosen field now and in the future.

Key take-aways we aim to highlight in this Meetup are:

• How to take on a respected professional consultant role in your business.

• How to say the right thing to every prospect and only sell what your customers will buy.

• How to make rejection-free prospecting fun and stress free.

• How to add value to anyone and have them truly appreciate what you do.

We look forward to meeting other entrepreneurs who share our passion for what they do.

Please join us and share.

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Casual Network Happy Hour & Business Connections.

Whiskey Ranch CAK

Casual Network Happy Hour & Business Connections.

Whiskey Ranch CAK

Network Fifty Two - Beachwood Chapter

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