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Take Yourself Out For A Walk & Add Beach Photos to your Portfolio

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Imperial Beach

If you would love to just walk close to the water at your own pace, but also be able to talk and view the surroundings of the area around this is your opportunity to go for it.

Bring a camera or two & join some of us shooting random photos or well thought out ones. Add them to our collection of photos here on meetup

Walking is great exercise for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

TIME TO MEETUP BETWEEN 2:00-2:15 pm we will start walking as a group around 2:15 pm.

This co-ed meetup event has been cross posted with a few other meetup groups. In the comment section you might see a head count of all those that have RSVP'd to attend, it will be an approx total count from all meetup groups that I have invited to attend. So if you haven't been out meeting interesting folks then it is time you did. Sign up & bring your cell phone camera or better yet your other camera :-D. Anyhow who knows we just might stop in Ye Olde Plank Inn ( for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink afterwards.

Coastal warnings and/or sprinkles to heavy rain and/or illness and/or personal emergency will cause the event for the day to be cancelled, but only during those conditions. Please check the comment section of this page for any cancelation notices prior to heading out towards the beach.

I'm a redhead with glasses.

Directions located below the following image.

See YOU at the Beach!

*Directions from North County San Diego to the Imperial Beach events:

EVERYONE HEAD SOUTH ON EITHER FREEWAY 5, 15 or 805 (I-5, I-15, I-805).


THOSE DRIVERS THAT WILL BE ON THE 15 FREEWAY (I-15) CONTINUE HEADING SOUTH. The I-15 will merge onto I-805 southbound.

*ALL DRIVERS - Continue southbound towards the Tijuana border all the way past freeway 8 (I-8) & 94 freeway (I-94).

DRIVERS THAT ARE ON THE 805 - pay close attention, after you drive past the 94 freeway (I-94) look for the 54 freeway signs to get onto the westbound 54 (I-54 W). Take the westbound 54 freeway exit & steer all the way to the left side of the 54 freeway. While driving west on the left shoulder you will automaticaly merge onto the 5 freeway (I-5) heading southbound.

NOW ALL DRIVERS SHOULD BE ON THE I-5 SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY - Continue south go PAST the City of Chula Vista into South San Diego until the street exit named "Coronado Avenue" **"DO NOT" GET CONFUSED WITH THE BRIDGE THAT IS LOCATED MANY MILES BEFORE CHULA VISTA. Take the Coronado Ave. exit westbound towards the ocean. While your driving westbound on Coronado Ave the same road changes it's name as soon as you leave South San Diego & enter the City of Imperial Beach. Now Coronado Ave. has become Imperial Beach Blvd. Continue driving toward the ocean (westbound) all the way until you reach the beach intersection named "Seacoast Drive". On that intersection turn to the left. Drive south for about 2 blocks to park anywhere near or on "Beach Street". We will be congragating between 2:00 & 2:15 pm in the short cul-de-sac parking lot.

IF YOU SHOW UP LATE SAY AFTER 2:15 pm you can roam the beach to find our group or if you have a smart phone send me a message by clicking on my photo it should take you to my profile in which there is a link for you to email me. :-)