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Lets get together to share ideas, learn from others, see what is out there to help give great care to Seniors, help placement for Seniors in Assisted Living/ Personal Care Homes and network to help others in this industry achieve satisfaction in helping give the best care possible to the Senior population in and around the North Georgia Area.

The ideal member of this group is: Persons that work in the healthcare industry ( Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, RN's, Home health Aides/ CNA's, Assisted/ Independent Living employees, Personal Care Home Owners and their Employees, People that are looking and needing direction in their loved ones Health Care, persons that want to be in the healthcare industry, volunteers to work with Seniors. As you can see we are very open to people wanting to join this group.

With this group: You can earn your CEU credits from this group and it will only cost you your time, so no charge ( Free). You will meet with many people that can help us with giving the best Senior care possible. So spread the word about North Georgia Senior Care Group.

I would like to see this group in the near future, Share our time and efforts to help clean up a lawn, Paint a room or house , Clean up a home and discard trash and none needed items at a Seniors Home. We can have a purpose and not just meet to meet but learn and share with everyone involved that we do have a major purpose and can make a difference in someones life out there.

Families are uncertain as to what they need to do with their mom or dad, aunt or uncle, grandmother or grand dad or even just a close friend.

Join and let's make a difference!

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