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How successful are you when it comes to Manifesting Magnificence? Are you consciously bringing in Life's Joys or is Life Out of Control?

Why is it that some people fail to succeed while other create a magical life experience? There are those who live day to day in limitation, while other live a life of abundance.

Who is Responsible when things get "Bad", you lose your job, get into an accident, become ill? Are You?

Who is Responsible for war, pollution, & poverty? The answer could surprise you.

We will explore:

• Taking Responsibility

• Reclaiming Your Life

• Living for Today

• Moving Your Thoughts in the Positive Direction

• Inaction vs Inspired Action

Facts will be taken from

Manifesting Magnificence: Consciously Creating the Life You Choose to Live by Andrew Lutts

with Love & Gratitude

Ellen Sklaver


Please Call if this is your first time.