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Changing a Limited Belief in 5 weeks

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Are your beliefs and perceptions restricting you from achieving your life’s desires?

Take a moment today and ask yourself what stories are you telling yourself? Are they moving you toward or away from your desires? What are your beliefs or perceptions about what you can or can not achieve. What is Your Reality-Making Blueprint, the lens through which you view the world?

We have the potential to break the spell of unconscious beliefs may have cast resistance over you.

I will be teaching a 5-week Adult Ed course at the TS Center (Former Boston Theosophical Society) that will bring you to a new level of self-awareness surrounding limited beliefs.

WE will learn to shift our beliefs through:

Shifting Perspective - What messages are you giving yourself?

Switchwords - One word Affirmations (That's all you need)

Kinesiology - Muscle Testing & PSYCH-K (Whole-Brain) balancing

Join us as we explore these methods that help to shift your Limiting Beliefs in minutes.

with love & Gratitude



Prepay and save $5.00 per week, that's 5 weeks for $100.00