What we're about

Hey busy chicks, this is for you! No dress-code, no fashion show, no popularity contest.

This is the North Shore Chapter of the official Vancouver Sweatpants Sorority hosted by Mindy Ambrose -- Athlete, Wellness Fangirl, Healthy Lifestyle Advocate and Personal Branding Coach.

Join our main group and check out the current events on the schedule.

These events are inclusive, community-centred and involve ZERO DRESS-CODE. For real, our ladies show up in comfy pants and messy hair, sometimes wet hair right out of the shower. By eliminating image consciousness (and having to get ready or curl your hair for two hours) the theory is you will be more likely to get out the door and make time to invest in yourself and connect with others. THE THEORY IS WORKING! We are attracting amazing ladies who value personal development and learning new things, as well as women who are new in town and nervous to try new things without anyone to meet up with.

Some events will be business, PR, Branding and Social Media related...

Some hangouts will be yoga and movement focussed

Some hangouts will teach us new ways to approach wellness

All events will be high-value but casual. We love encouraging blabber and socializing and so far the women at our events have been connecting and chatting as if they already knew each other. It has been heart-warming!

Hi, I'm Mindy the host. I believe if you put a bunch of bright, multi-passionate women in a room, they start connecting, even if they come from all backgrounds, age groups and outlooks on life. Let's all practice openness and respect each others' differences and allow ourselves to make friends with people we normally wouldn't cross paths with.


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