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Tacoma: Backcountry Gourmet Camp Cooking with Wilderness Chef Charlie Borrowman

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Charlie Borrowman ( is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and he will join instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm ( this month! Charlie hails from Alameda, CA, has been with Wolf Camp and the Wolf College since 2005, and currently resides in Seattle. Join us for this, our new class which arises from some of the meals Charlie prepares all summer during our camps and expeditions (

15 Minutes on Gear: Recommended camp stoves, pots, utensils, knives, etc. Class instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm along with Wolf College wilderness chef Charlie Borrowman will compare brands and share their experiences using them in the field.

15 Minutes on Stoves & Fires: Using camp stoves vs. open fire cooking. We will demonstrate the use of various camp stoves, as well as how to cook over open fires, depending on the limitations of our class location.

10 Minutes on MRE’s: Making, sampling and discussing MRE’s. Kim & Chris will bring along a Meal Ready To Eat of military fame, discuss caveats you need to be aware of if you use them, then prepare and share it with you.

10 Minutes on Freeze-Dried Meals: Making, sampling and discussing freeze-dried ready-meals from outdoor stores. We will also bring along some of the popular ready-meals sold in outdoor stores, and cook one up, showing pitfalls you want to know. Charlie will also recommend ways to improve their taste.

15 Minutes on Recommended Ingredients: Putting together your own light-weight ingredients for meals. Charlie will discuss many great lightweight meal options to help you look beyond freeze dried cuisine. We’ll help you learn to prepare a full and satisfying meal.

10 Minutes on Spices: Recommended flavor-enhancers for affordability, weight, and health. Charlie will show you a variety of inexpensive and easy to pack ingredients to add some WOW to your wilderness eating experience.

15 Minutes for the Best Quick Meal: Making a quick meal using cous-cous, orzo and other pasta. Charlie will show you his best quick meal for backcountry camping.

15 Minutes for a Gourmet Backcountry Dish: Making a gourmet dish with student-selected choice of ingredients. Now it’s your turn to help Charlie create one of his classic improvised backcountry dishes!

15 Minutes for a Wild Edible Foods Intro: Primer on backcountry wild edible foods. Chris & Kim will share the Top 10 Wild Edible Foods for our area so that you don’t have to waste time learning unnecessary plants.

15 Minutes for a Wild Edible Dish: Making a dish using wild edible foods. Charlie will demonstrate how to prepare a tasty dish using insects and plants you may encounter on your adventures.

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