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Dark Matter..Dark Energy..The Dark Side of the Universe

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Our well-received second 24-lecture series continues! This time the engaging Sean Carroll is the lecturer, recorded on DVD by the Great Courses Company. For our May 9th meeting, we'll have Lectures 5 and 6..

5. Galaxies and Clusters

Applying the laws of dynamics to galaxies and galaxy clusters, we find that more matter is required to account for their motions than can be observed. Some of the missing mass is hot gas; however, this is still not enough, and we need to invoke some new kind of particle in galaxies and clusters: dark matter.

6. Gravitational Lensing

Another way to detect invisible matter is to use light as a probe of the gravitational field. Passing through curved spacetime, the path of a light ray is deflected due to gravitational lensing. Lensing demonstrates the existence of gravitational fields where there is essentially no ordinary matter.

Many thanks to core NYPG member, Avo for being moderater for this series!

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