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Traversing Graph Databases with Gremlin

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Ivan and Mark P.


Graphs provide an elegant way to model a domain. Graph traversing, the means by which graphs are queried, provide an elegant way to process that domain model to solve problems. This mini-lecture and short-tutorial will introduce the Gremlin traversal language ( ( and explain its applicability to real-world problems.

BIO: Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez ( is a graph systems architect working on the open source TinkerPop stack ( ( Marko lives in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico with his partner and three dogs: Puppy, Mama, and Chelsea.


  • Constructions from Dots and Lines:
  • The Graph Traversal Pattern:

RSVP with full names is required. Sorry, not my rules, but building security requires all visitors to be announced prior to any event. You will NOT be able to attend the event unless your name is on the list. If you have any issues, please contact me directly.


6:30PM - Pizza and networking

7:00PM - Talk

2 Penn Plaza (32nd St and 7th Ave), 18th Floor · New York, NY