• NFT monthly (web3)

    NFT Playground Amsterdam

    It's a Valentine edition of the Not First Tuesday (NFT) meetup! Not on the first, but on the second Tuesday we roll.

    We are happy to talk to the Wax ecosystem to get some great speakers on NFT, gaming and art! Suggestions for next meetups? Feel free to reach out.

    With NFT Meetup we will introduce, explore and discuss as many interesting initiatives as possible in the realm of NFT’s. From digital collectible, to fine art. From phygital wearables to special utility.

    We embrace the NFT and Web3 movements, As always we’re at the forefront, join us exploring Web3!

    Todays program:
    18.00 Be welcome, drinks and bites.

    Yannick Slenter | Zaisan / Wax.io
    Yannick is digital strategist at Zaisan and will tell us all about the Wax ecosystem and web3 gaming and where they are heading.

    Jose Andrade | Neftyblocks
    Jose is the CTO at Neftyblocks, the #1 trade to Earn marketplace for buying, selling and creating digital collectibles on Wax.

    Khaddouj Barghout | NFT artist on Wax
    Khaddouj creates unique erotic and sometimes lurid art. She knows how to stir up stories and conversations that most people don't like to talk about, but are important to have. We will interview Khaddouj on her work, her achievements and her way forward.
    https://wijzijnfatima.nl/khaddouj-barghout/ (Dutch)
    https://r2-collectibles.com/khadddouj-barghout/ (English)

    21.35 Network drinks.

    🍻 🥂 Free entry, first drink sponsored by Zaisan! 🙏❤️