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Life Coaches in London:

Have you ever answered the question, "What do you do?" and fallen on deaf ears?

You say: "I'm a life coach [or insert label here]." They say: "That's nice.

If you're calling yourself a life coach, business coach, mentor, or healer you are not articulating what you do! Even if you do it well, nobody has any idea.

You are NOT just another Life Coach! You are THE ONLY.

The problem is no one's ever taught you how to articulate the difference YOU bring to this infiltrated industry. Sure, you've built the website, grown the email list, set up funnels, offered freebies - but to what outcome?

If you're tired of the "cookie-cutter" systems to success taught by most trainings and courses, and they don't fit for you like they didn't for me, then this group is for you! Especially if you're willing to drop what isn't working and show up to learn what does.

Whether you're a successful coach or just starting out, if you're willing to show up committed, ready to learn and willing to take the action, I'm going to teach you how to take that message inside you and make a lot of money sharing it, in an unconventional way, so that you can create the freedom you want in your business and guide your clients to the same!

What if you weren't one of the other million certified life coaches?
What if you were never again pigeon-holed as the status-quo coach, full of fluff and woo-woo?
What if you could get across your message and HOW YOU HELP without marketing, selling, pitching or convincing the person in front of you to buy into what you do?
What if you were just the one and only?

Imagine the impact you would have when people don't even care to ask what you do.... because they FEEL the power of your very presence, and instead of "That's nice" they say "How can I pay you for that?"

THAT'S what I'm here to teach you.

Why? Because at 22 years old, with a message burning to be shared inside of me maybe like yours, I sought out to learn from real masters all over the world - literally the top 1% - to take all this "personal growth stuff" and use it to create experiences. To go from "knowing about abundance" to actually having a lot more money! To go from "knowing about success" to hitting 5 and up figures. I have a LOT of wisdom to share, incredible tools I've learned and personal experience with everything I teach. You'll come to learn that with me, I'm less about the "fluff" and more about the real "how to's" and the real actions to take.

This group is for you if:

- You are actively looking for support and are willing to take the guided action!

- You understand the power of a commitment - meaning when you RSVP, you show up!

- You have a huge message to share with millions of people and are motivated by something bigger than you!

- You're an action taker, a go-getter and are ready to learn how to take consistent action that makes you consistent money

- You want to experience the ultimate freedom (financial, creative, and time) to be able to do that!

This is not just another Meetup group - you can expect regular, tailored events with amazing high-value, high-quality people who will be upleveling with you in every way! Be prepared for amazing opportunities to connect, collaborate and support each other.

You are not just another member - you can expect me to personally reach out & get to know you. I encourage you to embrace that as a two-way effort! Only amazing things will come of it :)

I look forward to meeting each of you in the events to come & during our one on one intro's!

Welcome to the 1%!!!!!


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