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Cafe Sci:" Islamic finance – Why? How? Does it matter?"

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Mohammed Amin

Islamic finance consultant

Modern Islamic finance started in relative obscurity in Egypt with one small bank in the 1960’s. From a tiny start, it has spread geographically and grown in size. Today global Islamic finance assets exceed $1 trillion. However that is less than 1% of global financial assets, while Muslims represent 20%-25% of the world’s population. This suggests that the industry will continue to grow rapidly.

Why do some Muslims want “Islamic finance”? How does it work? Is it different from ordinary finance? Where is the industry going? What does it mean for non-Muslims in the UK? Why is the UK the first non-Muslim majority country to host the World Islamic Economic Forum in the last week of October?

In a short talk with ample scope for Q&A, Mohammed Amin will address these questions. He is ideally placed to do so, being a former partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers who led their Islamic finance practice in the UK. Today in retirement he continues to research and write about Islamic finance, in addition to his many other activities. More information about Mohammed Amin is available on along with a selection of his writings on Islamic finance and other subjects.

MEETING FORMAT: Our speaker talks, uninterrupted for 20 minutes, to introduce his topic. During a break to get drinks, the Hat goes round. Then there is an hour’s chaired question and answer session. Cafe Sci is funded by the Hat (no sponsors). We suggest a contribution £5 (waged) or £2 - £3 (unwaged). Full details here