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Let's bring together the adults around Northern Virginia, (from Winchester to Fairfax, from Leesburg to Culpeper, using Gainesville as the base center), that enjoy being active in all types of outdoor activity, and primarily SKIING. During the ski season, I hope we can get some folks out for some weekday day trips to Snowshoe or other mountains and perhaps a couple of trips going north to VT. If we grow in size, I hope we can look to trips west to CO, NV, UT... But, skiing is only roughly a 4 month activity, and so we will do other outdoor activities to build camaraderie and build fitness in readiness for the snow. The activities will always be fun, recreational, and suitable for most reasonably fit folks. Other events might include hiking, mild trail biking, recreational canoeing and kayaking, and anything else folks might like to suggest... not to mention various social gathering in between events to get together to discuss and plan events... it all about getting out, meeting folks, and having fun.

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Ski Holiday Openings

Delta Whistler Village Suites

Friday... Whitetail

Whitetail Ski Resort

Snowshoe (Fri - Sat)

Snowshoe Mountain

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