Designing for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products

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Companies spend enormous amounts of time and money designing the experience for products and services. But in truth, “the” user experience isn’t a singular experience at all. And it doesn’t happen on any screen – it happens in the mind. More specifically, the six minds.

Discover how UX is truly a collection of experiences occurring across six brain regions, each with their own information processing styles and needs:

Decision Making: What are they trying to accomplish? What information do they need to make a decision?

Language: What words are they using? How sophisticated is the terminology they are saying?

Wayfinding: Do they know where they are in the experience? How do they believe they navigate the site?

Vision/Attention: What attracted their attention? What are they looking for?

Memory: What past experiences are they using to understand this one? How are they categorizing things?

Emotion: What are they felling at this moment? What are their larger goals in life that might be driving goals/fears?

We’ll describe how to uncover the conscious and subconscious needs of your users using qualitative research techniques, and how to integrate what you’ve discovered into your products and service designs. No psychology PhD required!

John Whalen is Partner, Psychological Insights & Innovation at Brilliant and author of Designing for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products (O'Reilly). While his PhD in Cognitive Psychology helps him to dive deep into the minds of customers, it is John's unique blend of psychology, design thinking, and lean methodologies that delivers success to mission-critical innovation projects. Through psychographic profiles and market segmentation, John uncovers strategic market opportunities for companies. For over 15 years, John has led product and service ideation, prototyping, and user testing, and continuous monitoring to determine how to use limited CX resources and build internal UX teams. John is a former President of UX Professional Association (UXPA) DC. He also speaks at conferences internationally including UXPA, Modev UX, and O'Reilly AI Conference.

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