Updating Legacy SharePoint Customizations to the Add-in Model


Many organizations using SharePoint maintain large portfolios of custom code solutions that leverage different legacy development approaches advocated by Microsoft through the years, and most of the custom code developed for earlier versions of SharePoint cannot be directly migrated to the cloud. In this session, you will learn how the SharePoint Add-in model allows you to develop maintainable customizations that have traditionally been accomplished using custom server-side code. You will learn how to categorize the types of user interface, declarative, and timer job customizations you may have performed with farm and sandboxed solutions in the past and understand how to approach developing each of them using techniques from the Add-in model.


Danny Jessee is a senior SharePoint developer, solutions architect, and trainer. For over ten years, he has specialized in the development of custom SharePoint and Office 365 solutions for federal government, military, and corporate clients. He has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the SharePoint developer experience as the platform has grown and evolved. He is always excited to share his knowledge and experience with others through blogging, social media, and speaking at conferences and user groups. Danny lives in northern Virginia with his wife and son (and another on the way!) You can find him on Twitter @dannyjessee and his blog is at http://dannyjessee.com/blog.