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CANCELLED : Medium Level : The Great Photography Ride I

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Medium Level :

The Great Photography Ride I

Arrive @ 8:00am
Rolling @ 8:30am ~ Sharp !!
20 miles in total.

Bring a Lunch.
No food stops are on this ride.
The ride after the ride will be in Shirlington.

Bring a Bike Lock.

The Ride

Route map can be found at link below.

This is not a bike ride, it is a way to get from one picture taking opportunity to another. If you have an event that you want to get to at a certain time AFTER this ride, do NOT come on this ride. This will be a "most of the day" affair and is designed to not be rushed.

This ride is marked as a "Medium Level" ride not just because of the distance but for the length of time we will be "out on the trail". The concept of the ride is as such.... we will ride our bikes to a number of historic or picturesque locations and we will lock them up (or designate someone to watch them) and get out our cameras and take as many pictures as our time will allow. If you want to bring some photography equipment (tripods etc..) this is the ride for that but it should all fit on your bike properly.

We will meet in Shirlington @ 8:00am and leave promptly @ 8:30am and the timings that I "approximate" below are just that ... approximations. We will all work through the ride as a group and if we only need 15 minutes at a place .. so be it... if the majority wants more time... we can do that also. So to take an educated guess at the times our agenda will be as such.

First Stop : Iwo Jima Memorial
Arrive approx 9:15 - 9:30am
30 minutes picture taking time

There is construction going on around the memorial but not at the memorial itself. There are some nice views to be taken of the memorial and overlooking the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. No need to lock up the bikes as we will all be right there.

Second Stop : Arlington National Cemetery
Arrive approx 10:15am
(60 + minutes travel / picture taking time)

No Bike Riding in Arlington National Cemetery.

Bike racks are located near the Visitor Center.
Restrooms located in the Visitor Center.
NO food other than bottled water allowed in the cemetery.
Water fountains are located in the Visitors Center, near the JFK grave site and at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
Bottled water is available for purchase at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.

Arlington House (The Robert E. Lee Memorial, pictured above)
9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. June through Labor Day

I want to walk up to the Arlington House since I've never been before. So we have to allow time to lock up the bikes, and walk to our destination (or whatever you want your destination to be). This is the big photography stop of the day so we will just agree upon a time to meet back at the bikes and we will take it from there.

********** Depending on the group, we may call an "audible" we can go to Lady Bird Johnson Memorial here if we want to and enjoy our lunch **********

Third Stop : Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
Arrive approx 12:00pm
(30 minutes picture taking time)

This memorial has quite a bit of meaning in its design.
You should read this before you come on the ride.

Fourth Stop : Air Force Memorial
Arrive approx 1:00pm
(30 minutes picture taking time)

Restrooms located in the back of the memorial.
Water fountains located in the back of the memorial.

The air force memorial is up on a hill (yes, we have to pedal up a hill) but that allows for a really nice view that is similar to the one we will get at Arlington Cemetery.

Final Stop : Lady Bird Johnson Memorial /
Merchant Marine Memorial
Arrive approx 2:00pm
(15 minutes picture taking time each)

These two memorials are on our way home... and are some of our "hidden" treasures.

Bonus Stop : Gravelly Point
(2:45 pm on our way home to Shirlington)
(15 minutes picture taking time)

We've stopped here a gazillion times, and I love it every time a plane lands. This is up to the group whether you want to hang out for a little bit to catch some good plane shots or not.

Arrive back in Shirlington around 3:30 (ish ish) pm.

The Meeting Spot

We will be meeting directly in front of the Shirlington Library.

Shirlington Library
4200 Campbell Ave Arlington VA 22206
(703) 228-6545

Click HERE (,-77.090914&spn=0.01571,0.027595&z=15) for a map to calculate your own directions.

This is right across the street from Busboys and Poets and near many other fine eating and drinking establishments (just in case we are thirsty after the ride).

The Ride After The Ride

Samuel Becketts

The Fine Print

Remember, helmets are required to participate in all NOVA-CBG rides. In addition all riders understand that they ride at their own risk and that the group leaders take no responsibility for rider's safety/injury. Please also keep in mind the group's cancellation policy when you RSVP. If you need assistance you can text Gary @ 703-568-1550 with your situation.

This ride starts promptly at 10:30 AM. Please be on time for the "Pre-Ride" preparation. This is when we will make sure everyone has their proper equipment (helmets, etc), bikes checked, and go through basic instructions such as trail riding and bike group policies, waivers, etc. If you are not on time for this you will not be able to participate in the ride.

A note about our ride levels. We try to accommodate all levels of cyclists with different types of rides. We just ask that you come to the ride that suits your current riding ability the best.

Introductory Level : If you haven't ridden a bike in a number of years (or are uncertain of your abilities on a bicycle). Beginner Level : If you can easily ride your bike for 10 miles (distance) with some minor hills at a comfortable pace (10+ to 12+ mph). Medium Level : If you can do 20 miles pretty easily at a moderate pace (13 to 15+ mph) Advanced Level : If you can do 20++ miles easily at a 15+ pace and / or handle various challenges as rain, night riding, or other odd cycling situations.