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Sandy W.

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Manassas, VA

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Apr 30, 2016


10 years off from riding and now I'm hitting the road again. This is a great group.

When did you start cycling, and what type of rides are you interested in ?

I started riding again in July of 2016. Trying to get back my endurance and speed, but it is taking a lot longer than I thought. Every day gets better though and my best recommendation to everyone is to keep on trying. The group will always support you and provide opportunities to grow. We all started somewhere so don't let negative thoughts get in your way. Just get on and celebrate each accomplishment. I ride with "Bear" on my bike bag in support of Wounded Warriors and all of the brave service and military personnel who keep us safe and free to ride. Especially for all those heroes who can no longer ride. Bear and I have done over 2,500 miles in the past two years and I could "bearly" do 5 when I started in July of 2016. Keep on trying and you will get there and climb that hill!