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    Hi! Let's ride!
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    Cycling enthusiast who loves the WO&D trail
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    10 years off from riding and now I'm hitting the road again. This is a great group.
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    I like riding my bike. I'm trying to be more adventurous with my riding and meeting new people as well!
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    Organizer in Training
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    I gams what I gams
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    I moved to Old Town Alexandria a couple of years ago in part to be able to bike to work (downtown DC). Enjoy biking, hiking and pretty much anything that involves being outside!
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    flat meister; member of sloth cycling club
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    Just looking forward to riding to new locations while also meeting a few new friends.
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    I am an archaeologist, I enjoy biking for fun and exercise.
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    It's simple... biking makes me happy!
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    Since rediscovering my love of riding, I commute to work on a daily basis as well as ride for fun. I enjoy running around Burke Lake with my eldest son and dog. I also swim and practice yoga and meditation.
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    Rediscovered biking a couple years ago and just can't get enough!
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    I used to be an avid cyclist, but it has been years. I am getting back into riding and look forward to meeting new people and exploring new trails.
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    I'm CBG's ramblin' man. Enjoy planning/leading relaxed, creatively themed bike tours. Let's ride! :)
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    Great group of friend's to ride with, enjoy the ride!
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    Hello, I would love to get back into bike riding... I have never been an avid rider, just enjoy a leisurely ride from time to time.
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