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Rossiter System Workouts are for fast relief of pain & improved athletic performance. Learn about these effective stretching techniques, find a Coach, or take a class (alone or with a friend) More information at: http://www.therossitersystem.com/ Ultimately, I want our meetups to be a chance to trade a workout, and refresh your memory or polish your skills if you've taken a class. This meetup is of special interest to Massage, Bodywork, Fitness, and Physical Therapy professionals who want to be extremely effective AND be kind to their own bodies. You know who you are! What does "no whining" mean? It means you're going to work HARD. It's going to be INTENSE. Each technique is done for 10 seconds, 3 times, 1/4" of an inch apart. Then your pain disappears or diminishes. You have a feeling of space and looseness where you used to have pain. It's not going to feel great while you're stretching. Are you willing to take 30 seconds of "EEYOOOWWW!!!" for weeks of pain relief? GOOD! Then get on the floor, follow your Coach's instructions, work HARD, and - "NO WHINING"!

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