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NOW Santa Monica is a Community Organization for people who live North of Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. We want to help people meet their neighbors and form genuine friendships with one another. Every month we will pick a new place to meet and grab drinks. If you join, you can talk to other people about your interests. Whether it's local politics, exercise, hobbies, business networking or otherwise...we can talk about it here!

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Our ideal members should be interested in knowing their community. We can have people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and political party. Our goal is to create a space where people can be in the know of upcoming changes to the neighborhood and the ability to voice their opinion about it. Whether the change is as small as a few members going hiking or as big as an upcoming vote on new development...we can talk about it here!

* Why they should join: To learn, share, or have fun

You should join to learn, share and have fun. We learn about each other with each new member that joins. We want to know what brought you to the neighborhood, and what you would like to see it become. If you want to be more informed, just introduce yourself to people and they will teach you about it.

We want your expertise in whatever it is. That's the beauty of a community. We are all here to share what makes us unique. As we meet in the mixers, you can share your story with others; whether they are similar or different from you. And as it relates to the community, we will share any information and provide you with a venue to do the same.

Most of all, this group is to have fun. We have a very fun neighborhood with cool places to play, eat and live our lives. Let's share it together. Naturally, members will form friendships and meet outside of the group and we encourage that. This is a place where even people with differing opinions about what should change or stay the same in Santa Monica. But in the end, having the chance to talk about the viewpoints and consider other people's opinions is fun. We remain a diverse community!

* What members can expect: Describe typical activities

Typical activities are group mixers. Mixers are the best way to get to know other people in a relaxed environment. We want you to walk around a room, shake hands and start conversations with people with whom you know you have something in common. You may find that the person you are talking to lives a block away and was just looking for someone to babysit their 2 year-old...meanwhile your kid sister is looking for work. Perfect combination! That's why mixers are the best setting for our activites so that we can get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

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