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Audio Synthesis on iOS and Mobile Design workshops


Hi people, this is a session with two workshops, scheduled for next Monday! The location is still to be confirmed, but will be ASAP.

We hope to see you all there as always!

Mobile Design, by Horacio Herrera ( (7pm)

Horacio is a young designer/developer from Panama City. His specialties includes Web Design, Front-end Development, graphic design, iOS development & interactive applications development, but he worked with almost every aspect of digital creation such as motion graphics, 2D animation, video editing, photography, and some more.

His passion is to create awesome digital products that people will love, and he'll share his vision of design and some of his tips & tricks in this session.

Using the Synthesis Toolkit with the AAE on iOS: hands-on workshop, by Ariel Elkin ( (8pm)

Ariel is a London-based iOS developer, visiting Barcelona during the week of June 10 for Music Hack Day.

How do you transform an iPhone in an all-powerful musical instrument? An app that can generate sounds from scratch (i.e. synthesising them) is a good strategy, but synthesis techniques can become very complex.

This workshop will introduce the Synthesis Toolkit in C++, an open source library for digital signal processing and algorithmic synthesis which does much of the heavy lifting required in realtime audio synthesis. You'll learn how to create synthesisers that generate sound in realtime in your iOS app, modify their sound through signal processing chains, and control them with the UI.

The workshop will also introduce the use of the Amazing Audio Engine as Ariel's app's audio engine, leveraging this wonderful library's sophisticated multichannel audio support and Audiobus integration.

It is aimed at developers with at least some iOS experience, but no prior knowledge of digital signal processing is required. Participants should bring a laptop with Xcode 4 installed.

The workshop was given at this year's Music Tech Fest's Hack Camp. For more information:

Learn more about the STK:

Learn more about the AAE:

Carrer Nàpols 187 9º, Barcelona, 08013 · Barcelona